Heritage Hut

THE HERITAGE HUT ON WALBERSWICK GREEN                                     For updates,click Reports

The Heritage Hut, which is owned by the Walberswick Parish Council, stands on the Village Green. It was originally built as a Congregational Church in the 1880’s. It has since been used at various times for the Village School, a Working Man’s Club, a Youth Club, the St John’s Ambulance, and as a SC&H’s Heritage Centre. It has played a key role in the history of Walberswick.   

The ownership of the Heritage Hut was passed from the Suffolk County Council to the Walberswick Parish Council in 2012. Although underused at the present time, the WPC is actively pursuing ways of improving the condition and facilities of the Heritage Hut in order to bring it again into the life of the Village, mainly by refurbishing the interior of the existing rear single-storied extension. This will involve providing insulation, fire protection, improved security, heating, a WC and telephone and W-Fi connections. This will not only make it a headquarters for the WPC, and for its Clerk and archives, but for general communal use by the Village (in particular for such uses as the the Village Fete). It will also give a home for presentations and the storage of the Walberswick Scroll

Tenders for the work of improvements have been obtained and Walberswick Parish Council is, at the moment, seeking funding to carry them out. 


The attractive internal character of the existing main room will be carefully preserved.


All the improvement work will be concentrated on the inside of the existing single-storied rear extension. 

The external character of the Heritage Hut will be unchanged.