Commemorative Flowers

The flowers in St Andrews:

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In memory of

5th November 2017 Denise Brentnall her parents Peggy and Ernest Hughes
15th October Judith Hetherington  
24 September
Wendy Sinclair
17 September
Barry Ludlow
10 September 
Mary King 
Her brother
3 September 
Vera Bowyer
Bill Bowyer and Jean Pappworth
27 August 
Rita Woodcraft
Her parents
20 August 
Lucy and Sarah Lawrence
Daughter and sister Joanna
13 August 
Brian and Christine Fisher
Monica and Alan Old
6 August 
Shepherd Family
David and Maggie Shepherd
23rd July  Wendy Sinclair Her parents
9th July  Julia Josephs Her sister, Dorothy
18th June Jayne and Brian Tibbles Their grandson, Ollie
11th June  Maureen Thompson Her husband, Don
21st May  Joanna Saunders Her husband, Robert
14th May  Ruth Bassett Her husband, Eric
7th May  Julia Sowerbutts Her father
30th April    Adam Gordon
19th February Wendy Sinclair Chris
5th February  Pat Atherton  
22nd January  July Morton Her parents, Bill and Olive Quenzer
8th January  Denise and John Brentnall Margaret and Ralph Erskine
6th November 2016 Denise Brentnall Peggy and Ernest Hughes
16th October 2016 Judith Hetherington  
25th September 2016 Wendy Sinclair Chris
18th September 2016 Barry Ludlow his wife Ruth
11th September 2016 Mary King her brother John
4th September 2016 Vera Bowyer  William
21st August 2016   Sarah Lawrence's sister, Joanna
7th August 2016   David and Maggie Shepherd
29th June 2016   Ollie Tibbles
5th June 2016   Mary Burke
22nd May 2016 Joanna Saunders Robert Saunders
8th May 2016 Ruth Bassett Eric Bassett
1st May 2016 Julia Sowerbutts Joe Josephs
24th April 2016 Joanna Saunders Her parents
17th April 2016 Sandra Gordon Adam
24th January 2016 Judy Morton  Her parents, Bill and Olive Quenzer
10th January 2016 Denise and John Brentnall Margaret and Ralph Erskine
1st November 2015 Denise Brentnall Her parents, Peggy and Ernest Hughes
25th October 2015 Judith Hetherington  
27th September 2015 Wendy Sinclair Chris
13th September 2015 Mary King Her brother, John
6th September 2015 Rita Woodcraft Richard and Vida Connick
23rd August 2015 Lucy & Sarah Lawrence Daughter and sister, Joanna
9th August 2015 Shepherd family Their parents, David and Maggie
26th July 2015 Wendy Sinclair Chris
12th July 2015 Julia Josephs Her sister, Dorothy Dekany
21st June 2015 Jayne and Brian Tibbles Their grandson, Olley