Walberswick Village News


The first copy of Village News, the community newsletter for Walberswick, was published in January 1997 when it took over from the previous Parish News publication which had been produced by Walberswick PCC. You can follow the link to see excerpts from the last edition of the Parish News/First edition of Village News

This page currently hosts an archive of all editions of Village News which have been published since January 2020 - these editions are believed to be entirely GDPR compliant. Just click on the relevant date to view the edition

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In due course it is envisaged that a separate Community Archive of all editions of previous Village News from January 1997 will also be available on this website

If you have any questions or concerns about anything published in this archive, please contact the Data Protection Officer for Walberwick Parish Council via email on: andrew.wpcouncillor@gmail.com