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Determination deadline

The Old School, Leverett's Ln 5 trees crown reduction. 2 trees crown lift. DC/17/3475/TCA 20 Sept 2017
St Andrews church Light crown lift and various reductions - trees as per plan and application.


06 Sept 2017
Cornelian, Leveretts Ln
Open side cycle store
DC/17/2968/FUL 03 Sept 2017
Saltmarshes, Lodge Road
First floor extension over flat roof garage and bedroom
DC/17/2494/FUL 3rd Aug 2017
White Barn, Leveretts Lane

Single storey side extension 

DC/17/2296/FUL 25 July 2017
Westons, The Street Construction of a replacement annex to provide guest accommodation in conjunction with Westons within the grounds of the property DC/17/2086/FUL 11 July 2017

Vine Cottage,The Green

Replacement side extension and existing rear upvc conservatory to be replaced with new painted timber conservatory. Existing upvc windows to be replaced with new painted timber sash windows. 


30 June 2017