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Determination deadline

Vine Cottage,The Green

Replacement side extension and existing rear upvc conservatory to be replaced with new painted timber conservatory. Existing upvc windows to be replaced with new painted timber sash windows. 


30 June 2017
Martins, The Street

T1 Oak and T2 Yew to be reduced 5 metres away from building (both trees to side of building).


20 June 2017
Mallards & Mirna, Manor Close

Non material amendment to DC/17/0337 /VOC - Variation of condition No 2 on planning permission

DC/17/0337/VOC 31 May 2017
Ferry House, Ferry Road

9 trees to be re-shaped, pruned or felled.


18 June 2017
1 Alexandra Place

Proposed two storey side extension


4 June 2017
Millcroft, Millfield

Proposed rear extension & re-building of existing single storey area


22 May 2017