Excitement on the Blyth as RNLI complete training exercises

To a casual observer it could have appeared that real drama was unfolding on the harbour last night. As the sun set two men could be seen apparently throwing an adult male over the railings into the Blyth, and within moments Southwold lifeboat was motoring up river to rescue him. As you have probably guessed this was all in an evening's work for the RNLI as they completed exercises. They had already executed a practice capsize at sea, during which crew members, including Walberswick's own Ray Goodman, went overboard as part of their training.

The most common 'shout' for the Southwold crew this year has been dogs falling into the water from the Walberswick side, so do all please be very careful, as the sand has backed up against the fence and it's very easy for loose dogs to run straight over the edge. The training last night included a session on how to retrieve dogs from the water in this particular spot.

The RNLI complete training on Thursday evenings between 7 - 9, to find out how to support the RNLI click here:RNLI - How to support us

Further down the beach another wonderful scene unfolded, the Wallis family has been visiting Walberswick since 1956 and they could be seen, silhouetted against the sky gathering together for a reunion.

By News Ed. on April 15th, 2016

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