Good news for Walberswick walkers and wildlife

Over the last week the Environment Agency has been busy closing the breach between the sea and marsh close to Dunwich. The result is that you can walk along the beach to and from Dunwich once more without getting wet, or having to be rescued by the Southwold RNLI Lifeboat. According to Bill Oddie, conservationist and presenter, the impact upon wildlife has hopefully only been temporary, "Many birds will have been deterred by the salt water, but they should return. As should the otters, who really don't like salt one bit" he said.

Walberswick resident, and regular walker, Guy Parry sent us this photo to show the work and you'll already be able to see the water levels on the creek dropping and flowing in both directions again.

By News ed. on April 7th, 2017

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