Ink Festival

Now in their third year, the INK Festival which features scripts with an East Anglian connection will involve no fewer than 22 Walberswick residents.

The festival takes place on April 22/23 and promises ‘a jam-packed weekend of over 25 new short stage productions, radio plays and films performed in a variety of spaces all over  the renovated maltings which is now The Cut Theatre, situated in the centre of Halesworth, Suffolk.

Amongst the work of Walberswick's talented writers, the first 30 minutes of Esther Freud’s first play ‘Stitchers’, will be seen in a premiere performance in the form of a rehearsed reading directed by INK patron Helen Atkinson Wood.

Jill Freud will also perform in a radio play, and Jan Etherington will have two of her plays performed; one for radio and one for stage.

Astrid Ronning (King) will take the stage with actor Bernard Hill to play the roles created and written by her mother, Peg Lynch. Often described as “the woman who created sitcom”, Peg Lynch was a pioneer, the first woman to create, write, produce, own, and star in both her own radio and television comedy series. Her creation, Ethel and Albert, the everyday life of an average middle class couple living in small town America, became one of the country’s most popular husband and wife comedies from the day it was first heard in 1938. This is the first time that the scripts will have been performed in the UK.

Astrid’s musician husband Denis King will be giving a talk on “The craft of lyric making” and Libby Purves will be discussing; “What gets a new play noticed” A critics perspective.

A roll call of Walberswickians involved in the festival:

Co founder and Artistic Director: Julia Sowerbutts

Treasurer: Kevin Murphy

Fund Raising Manager: Ben Cardwell

Charitable Trust: Peter Byrne

Technicians, composers include: Alex King & Troy Sowerbutts

Stage managers include: Laurie leonard and Denise Brentnall

Laurie is also playing inside a Dalek!

Props: Denise Brentnall

Actors: Joe Sowerbutts and Huw Brentnall

Set Design and Construction: Mark Aldridge and Wayne H

Poet: Jeremy Solnick

Accomadation: Val Anderson

Images from last year's festival


By News Ed. on March 18th, 2017

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