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By kind permission of The British Newspaper Archives, we have transcribed the following extract taken from The Norfolk News, Saturday, 23rd November 1850


FIRE AT WALBERSWICK -About 3am on Wednesday, the inhabitants of this town were aroused by the cries of fire, resulting from a cottage in the occupation of a widow named Baker, at Walberswick, about a mile distant, being in flames; and before the firemen could get with the engine to the scene of the conflagration, the cottage, its furniture, and a fat hog in an adjoining stye, were totally consumed. The inhabitants of Walberswick are under great obligations to Southwold for the aid of its engine on this occasion, as also to its managers, for the prompt assistance rendered them, in the absence of which the flames must have communicated to the adjoining properties, and considerable damage and loss would have been the inevitable consequence. The fire appears to have been occasioned by incautiously taking a light into a straw shed, upon the premises.

By Archive contributor on November 23rd, 2017