The Walberswick Parish Council has recently appointed an advisory Heritage Hut and Walberswick Scroll Committee.

Both the Heritage Hut and the Walberswick Scroll are owned by the WPC and our aim is to improve the accommodation within the Hut to make it fit for communal use and to house the Scroll. To achieve this aim we need to raise funding for the necessary works, the cost of which is estimated to be around £13,000. Click here to see further details. 

The Committee members are delighted to announce that they have been successful in two of their applications for funding. We have just been granted a £6,000 award from Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Enabling Fund which is a major leap forward. Also many people will have noticed the East of England Co-Op has allocated one of its charity boxes to us in The Tuck  Shop. So do add your tokens when you shop. 

This means, including donations which we have already received, we are about half-way there. With the Village behind us we are sure that we shall succeed in our aim. If you have any further practical ideas to help please let us know by using the Contact Us form 

By Bill Ungless, Chair Heritage Hut/Scroll Committee on July 23rd, 2017