The King's River

The King’s River is a unique musical theatre performance which has been commissioned by The Woodbridge Riverside Trust to celebrate the opening of the community space on the former Whisstocks Boatyard site down by the river near The Tide Mill in Woodbridge.

The composer, Walberswick resident Jana Rowland, and librettists, Sylvia Fairley and Dominic Shea, have written a two part performance which tells the amazing story of Sutton Hoo and the treasure in the community.

The First Part will take place outside at the new development at Whisstocks yard, over-looking the river. This focuses on the burial of King Raedwald, who was the first Christian King of East Anglia. Scholars are 95% certain that he is the King buried at Sutton Hoo. He reigned c599 – 624 AD. Little is known of his Queen, except that she remained pagan. The libretto weaves an imaginative, poetic tale around the King’s funeral, with flashbacks to his life. There are warriors, dancers, healing women, Christian singers, a procession of monks, a dance of the four Elements and the central figure, the River, as the Narrator.

By News Ed. on March 20th, 2017

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