Tommy visits Walberswick

The village was honoured to receive a visit in August from Tommy, the hero of the animated short film, A War to End No Wars that follows a British soldier’s experiences in the trenches during the Great War. During his visit to Walberswick, Tommy paid his respects to the four unknown sailors buried in the grounds of St Andrews Church, who perished in World War One.

Many locals may already seen coverage of A War to End No Wars, which was featured on the BBC Look East News, when it was announced that the film would be screened at the Montreal International Animation Film Festival later this month.

A War to End No Wars, is the work of Ruth Coggins, who has no training in animation. The five-minute film is a tribute to her grandfather, who passed away in 2009. The film and props were all created by Ruth, who is self-taught, either by trial and error or with the help of online tutorials. It is a work of love that has  taken around eight years to complete. To be selected for screening at the Montreal International Film Festival is an amazing achievement and the village offers Ruth its warmest congratulations.

You can view the film and discover how it was created, as well as view the BBC coverage, on the film’s official website.

Photo credits: Cogg-in The Works

By Sheila Parry on August 20th, 2017

Categories: history & heritage

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