Village Fete 2016

Nigel and Margreet Walpole are delighted to announce that Clive Brynley-Jones has offered to take over the lead in this year's Walberswick Fete (save the date in your diary - Saturday, 27 August). Clive is ideal for the role, having been deeply involved in many recent fetes, albeit often in the background, and in continuing to be very active in several village activities. However, the fete requires a collective effort, and while many stalwarts have already offered their services, additional volunteers are needed to carry out a variety of tasks, few of which require any particular skills. If you feel able to help, in any way, please ring Clive on 01502-724592. Given that help, we can look forward to another truly enjoyable community event.

By News Ed. on March 23rd, 2016

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