Village Fete - Record Breaking Total Raised?

The provisional totals are in and it looks like being a record year!

The village fete is always a wonderful day, enjoyed by visitors and villagers alike. It's recent success has been a testament to the hard and entirely voluntary work of the committee, especially the esteemed Chairman. This year was really spectacular, with all the usual events including our famous tug of war where those villagers and visitors pit their strength against each other, as well as new attractions like the ping pong table and fish-a-duck, which both proved very popular.

The garden stall is always a huge draw and the provisional totals show that over £600 was raised by the green-fingered stallholders alone. Perhaps the large sums raised by the stalls selling art (£559) and books (£709) say something about the interests of those who visit us, or maybe we are all sensing autumn drawing in, and looking forward to reading by the fire, now that the final summer events are over and the village is emptying again. The staff at the Co-op in the village had a constant stream of people buying one item so that they could get cashback at the till to spend at the fete - they ran out of cash! Perhaps we need to install an ATM next year...

As is customary, the food stalls had the biggest queues and brought in the lions' share: general catering - £1,463, Car Park BBQ - £583, Green BBQ - £463, cakes - £399, sundaes - £28, dog biscuits (they have to have treats to eat too) - £28 and Danish pancakes - £127.

The raffle tickets sold as well as the proverbial hot cakes too, raising £3,237 and the stylish and collectable programmes brought in over £1,000.

The dog show grows every year and there was a canine themed raffle. One local told us she found that it was so popular that she couldn't get close enough to see the entrants performing their tricks, but she knew they must have been good because of the "Oooohs!!" and "Aaahs!" coming from the ring.

If you have any photographs you'd like to share with us do send them in to the Gallery, in the meantime Hannah Sutton has sent us these. Thanks Hannah!

By News ed. on September 1st, 2015

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