As most of you are aware the Parish Council now has two councillors and no clerk. I understand entirely the reasons why people have resigned and am happy to discuss these reasons with anyone who wishes to know more. The resignation letters are on the website and they give more detailed information. (Click here to read them all.)

I have been in contact with Hilary Slater at SCDC who is going to see if any of the county or district councillors would be prepared to be on our council if we cannot find people willing in the village. Although this is not ideal as they would not be local, the preference is local, passionate people. I have advertised locally for a clerk, and more widely through SALC, additionally our district councillor, Raymond Catchpole is hunting for a clerk for us. Fingers crossed! 

In terms of the future of the Parish Council we need to have more councillors and a clerk, I have been investigating the possibility of moving to a Dunwich style model of a Parish Meeting, however, at this stage I have only been investigating it. It is a very lengthy process, open to public consultation, and takes well over a year to achieve it, I have asked for a letter sent to me by Hilary Slater detailing the process to be put on the website so you can see for yourselves. I reiterate that at this stage nothing has been done about changing, so far it has been a fact finding mission. (Click here to read Hilary Slater's letter.)

If you have any questions then please email me via the website. (Parish Council). In the meantime I'd like to thank all those who email me and tell me that they support the Parish Council. I've been chairman since March 2014 and therefore I'd also like to thank John Lavery, Jeremy Solnick, Rebecca Whiting, Ray Goodman, Lorri Haslegrave, Michael Gower, Chris Hosea and Paul Denny for their hard work for, and on the council since that time. 

If you would like to be a councillor please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. chairman@walberswick.suffolk.gov.uk

By Esme Richardson, Chairman of the Walberswick Parish Council on June 13th, 2015