Walberswick Village Scroll

Did you see the Scroll featured on Anglia TV in May? There will be three more showings on Saturday, 5th August in the Heritage Hut on the Green. 

Between 1931 and 1932, J. Doman Turner, a local artist, decided to paint a picture of every house in the village. Starting as you enter the village, he worked his way along one side, round the Village Green, down to the ferry and back up the other side. The scroll is over 123 feet long and is an incredible record of the village as it was at the time. He paid particular attention to notices: a tortoise is lost and the list of prices for different uses of the then steam ferry is long and intriguing. We have a last peep at the station, Manor Farm and the Walberswick Pottery, together with glimpses of then contemporary village characters.

The full showing with commentary takes approximately 55 minutes. And, it's free!

By John English on July 12th, 2017