Wally's Bridge

On Saturday May 18th, in grey cold weather, the village turned out in force to honour Wally Webb and see Pamela Webb officially open the bridge, which has been dedicated to him. Wally was instrumental in the restoration of the bridge after the Environment Agency deemed it unsafe and not cost effective to maintain. The WCLC worked together with the agency to take over responsibility and, along with local residents they came together to find the funds to not only keep the bridge open but to make it safe and a fitting tribute to a man who was the instigator of the crabbing championships and such an important member of the community. The bridge has been carved with the words "Wally's Bridge". The local press attended the opening and a article can be found online - click here.

Canon Harry Edwards spoke about his own experiences of the bridge as well as recounting an amusing anecdote, which can be read in full - click here - by kind permission, he then blessed the bridge:

Heavenly Father, we bless this bridge mindful of generations who have enjoyed the delights of crabbing here, and in memory of Wally Webb, who often marveled at the phosphorescence in the water beneath this bridge on a Summer’s Evening;

who delighted in the cry of the skylark when walking from this bridge to the beach – and loved the tug of wind and waves on a stormy day – and for whom this bridge was a grounded connection with the real and natural world.

May all who enjoy the connection of this bridge, (of water and land,) learn the preciousness of that gift and sense of place, and give thanks for Wally who loved this bridge and wanted many more generations to enjoy it as he did. Amen.

By News Ed on May 21st, 2013

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