WCLC News - Pig farming adjoining the village - update 1

Request for email addresses

Further to our earlier News article, the Walberswick Common Lands Charity has now commenced discussions with Blois Farms. We are currently awaiting a formal lease document to review. We are also in the process of identifying a professional adviser with knowledge of the local agricultural land rental market.

We wish to keep those residents who are impacted by the Blois Farms proposals informed of progress and may need to consult them quickly on issues. For example, in order to enter into a long-term lease with Blois Farms, the Charity would be solely reliant on donations from residents to meet the cost. Therefore at some point soon we will need to establish the willingness of residents to make the necessary charitable donations.

To assist rapid communication we would like to establish an email mailing list as soon as possible. Therefore if you are impacted by the Blois Farms proposals please send your email address to our Clerk at:


If you have neighbours who are second home owners perhaps you could make contact and ask them to do the same.

If you do not have an email address and do not have a neighbour who can provide you with copies, please contact the Clerk directly. 

By James Darkins, Chairman and Jayne Tibbles, Clerk on January 24th, 2014