Date Document
8th April 2019 Bank Reconciliation - Lloyds, Bank Reconciliation - HSBC, Performance Against Budget, Authorisation to Pay,
13th May 2019 Authorisation to Pay
28th May 2019 PKF Littlejohn final decision letters to Objectors (redacted) re. accounts for 2017/18: Letter to Objector 1, Letter to Objector 2, Letter to Objector 3
29th May 2019 Final External Audit report and certificate for 2017/18 from PKF Littlejohn, AGAR Part 3 2017/18 - Sections 1 & 2, AGAR Part 3 2017/18 - Section 3
4th June 2019 17-18 Notice of Conclusion of External Audit, 18-19 Accounting Statements, 18-19 Annual Governance Statement, 18-19 Explanation of Variances, 18-19 Explanation of Negative Responses, 18-19 HSBC Bank Payments, 18-19 HSBC Bank Receipts, 18-19 HSBC Bank Reconciliation, 18-19 Internal Audit Report, 18-19 Lloyds Bank Payments, 18-19 Lloyds Bank Receipts, 18-19 Lloyds Bank Reconciliation, 18-19 Notice of Public Rights, 18-19 Summary of Public Rights, 19-20 HSBC Bank Payments, 19-20 HSBC Bank Receipts, 19-20 HSBC Bank Reconciliation, 19-20 Lloyds Bank Receipts & Budget, 19-20 Lloyds Bank Payments & Budget, 19-20 Lloyds Bank Reconciliation, 19-20 Authorisation To Pay,
14th June 2019 Documents relating to the Public inspection of accounts for 18/19: Notice of Public Rights, Summary of Public Rights Notice, Internal Audit Report, Completed AGAR Part 3 - Internal Audit, Annual Governance Statement (signed), Accounting Statements (signed), Explanation of Variances, Explanation of Negative Responses, HSBC Bank Payments, HSBC Bank Receipts, HSBC Bank Reconciliation, Lloyds Bank Payments, Lloyds Bank Receipts, Lloyds Bank Reconciliation, Asset Register
8th July 2019 Bank Reconciliation - Lloyds, Receipts - Lloyds, Payments - Lloyds, Authorisation to Pay
25th July 2019 An extraordinary Parish Council meeting. Authorisation To Pay.
9th September 2019 Bank Reconciliation - Lloyds, Lloyds Receipts, Lloyds Payments, Authorisation to Pay, Insurance Revewal
28th September 2019

Documents relating to the audit closure of the 18/19 accounts: Notice of Conclusion of External Audit,
Annual Governance Statement (Audited), Accounting Statements (Audited), External Audit Report & Certificate