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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2019

9 Church Lane

This is a 1950s Swedish timber frame property. The wooden cladding is rotting and needs replacing. In accordance with building regulations we are required to insulate the property when replacing more than 25% of the external cladding. Works include to: Undertake removal of perished wooden cladding and fit insulation boards, thickness as agreed with building control (100mm). We will apply a cement based cladding vertically with a neutral colour finish. The Cedral cladding is environmentally friendly, rot free and low maintenance. 


12th June;

14th July

1 Millstones, Mill Field Erection of ancillary building in garden of domestic dwelling DC/19/1847/FUL 30th May; 1st July
Heritage Hut, The Green

Proposed new porch and ramp. To improve access to the building and to improve the occupational standard.

DC/19/1584/FUL 5th June; 4th July
Site south of Redmay, Lodge Road

Conversion of stables/ outbuildings to single bedroom accessible dwelling


20th June; 27th June
Elphinston Corner, Stocks Lane

Construction of ground and first floor extensions to existing dwelling

DC/19/1680/FUL 11th June; 18th June












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