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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 

Shenburgh, The Street

Proposed two-storey side addition providing dining room, boot room, first floor bathroom/study and access stair to attic. Proposed one-storey side addition for library recess. Proposed demolition of existing C2O side addition. Proposed internal reconfiguration and remodelling. Proposed minor changes to garage

DC/18/1383/FUL 26th April, 16th May
The Old Methodist Church, The Street

To fell 4no. Sycamore trees in rear garden (because of heavy shading), and replace with beech, maple or cherry

DC/18/1288/TCA 16th April; 7th May 2018
3 Millstones, Millfield

To reduce 2no. Acers by 30% and reshape as one tree. To reduce Eucalyptus by 50%


16th April; 6th May 2018












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