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Site Description Application no.
Expiry date and 

Determination date 2023/24

Greengates, The Street

External alterations include; reconfiguration of the front driveway to improve visibility splays, reconfiguration of the front porch and front elevation, single storey rear extension to form a Utility, single storey extension to increase dining area, extend second floor bedroom above 'Tower' with new roof over, install roof lights and lantern light to increase natural light internally, and expose original decorative details. 

DC/24/0486/FUL 28th March; 
The Yacht Yard, Southwold Harbour, Walberswick side

External balcony. 

DC/24/0675/FUL 29th March; 24th April
The Boathouse, Southwold Harbour, Walberswick Side

External fire escape staircase. 

DC/24/0601/FUL 22nd March; 17th April
Long Roof, Leveretts Lane

First floor alterations and extensions 

DC/24/0671/FUL 21st March; 17th April
Thrums, Seven Acres Lane

Discharge of Condition Nos. 9 and 11 of DC/23/1610/FUL - Demolition of existing dwelling, construction of replacement house with associated landscaping - Construction Management Plan - Natural England Licence. 

DC/24/0615/DRC 12th March; 12th April
Byways, Stocks Lane

Variation of Condition(s) 2 of Planning Permission DC/22/4128/FUL - Demolition of dormer bungalow and erection of 2 no. passive house dwellings 

DC/24/0430/VOC 11th March; 2nd April
Box Bush, Seven Acres Lane

Listed Building Consent - New dormer window, alterations to fenestration and internal layout, general repairs to existing fabric and insulation on external walls and roof.

DC/24/0416/LBC 7th March; 1st April
Box Bush, Seven Acres Lane

New dormer window, alterations to fenestration and internal layout, general repairs to existing fabric and insulation on external walls and roof. 

DC/24/0415/FUL 7th March; 1st April
Blythwyc Cottage, The Street

Erect Cart Shed to the West of Annex - 

DC/24/0184/FUL 14th February; 14th March 2024
Ferry Hut, Ferry Road

Certificate of Lawful Use (Existing) - Continued use of building known as Ferry Hut as a Dwelling 

DC/23/3165/CLE 20th October 2023; 5th October
Greyroof, Millfield

Alterations and additions to main house, construction of replacement garden cottage. 

DC/23/4848/FUL 8th February 2024; 12th February 2024
Mulberry House, Millfield

Removal of existing hedge to front boundary which consists mainly of Ivy and is thinning / dying. Installation of a Continuous Willow Fence of similar dimensions to existing hedge. By Brampton Willows - This will be 1.8m in height at it's tallest and 1.5m at it's lowest, set back from the adjacent road by 2m. There will be no negative impact to sight lines, visibility, or light in neighbouring properties.

 DC/23/4447/FUL 21st December; 11th January 2024