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Site Description Application no.
Expiry date and 

Determination date 2022

Hedgeley, The Green

The extensions include a two-storey element on the northern elevation, a single storey extension to the east and a balcony and pergola to the south. 

DC/22/2321/FUL 21st July; 17th August
1 Valley Farm, Ferry Road

Listed Building Consent - 1. Cabin to replace derelict greenhouse 2. Replacement fence

C/22/1920/LBC 7th July; 24th July
1 Valley Farm, Ferry Raod

1. Cabin to replace derelict greenhouse. 2. Replacement fence 

DC/22/1919/FUL 7th July; 24th July
Longwood, Church Field

Single storey alterations and extensions to bungalow to improve accommodation

DC/22/1776/FUL 20th June; 27th June
Wayland Cottage, The Street

Construction of new sustainable dwelling and modified access 

DC/22/1189/FUL 20th May; 22nd May