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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2019

The Manor House, The Street

Extension of rear most annex.

DC/19/2721/FUL 30th July; 1st September
The Hut, The Lea

Discharge of Conditions No 3 & 5 of DC/18/2083/FUL - Proposed addition of ancillary garden studio to the rear of The Hut and minor internal and external alterations to existing house. - Brick Details & Flood Risk Management Measures 

DC/19/2557/DRC 12th August; 19th August
The Fen, The Lea

First floor extension & alterations 

DC/19/2532/FUL 17th July; 20th August
Heritage Hut, The Green

Proposed new porch and ramp. To improve access to the building and to improve the occupational standard (revised)

DC/19/1584/FUL 12th June; 4th July
Coopers Thatch, Leveretts Lane

2no. Holm Oaks - to carry out 50% crown reduction to allow more light to property. 1no. Norway Spruce - to be felled; tree in failing condition. To be replaced by Birch (Jacquemontii). 


2nd July; 21st July

The Knapp, Lodge Road

Change of Use, add on two bedrooms to a existing garden building/studio. Change the layout of existing bathroom. No structural/load bearing work to be done apart from the two new windows for the bedrooms - according to regulations. 

DC/19/2108/FUL 20th June; 24th July
1 Millstones, Mill Field Erection of ancillary building in garden of domestic dwelling DC/19/1847/FUL 30th May; 1st July












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