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Site Description Application no.
Expiry date and 

Determination date 2023

1 Adams Lane

Re-establish a driveway/access point to the property 1 Adams Lane from the street - B1387. 

 DC/23/3527/FU 13th October; 16th November
Seacroft, Millfield Rd

Part demolition, refurbishment and extension of an existing single family home. 

DC/23/3115/FUL 15th September; 3rd October
Byeways, Stocks Lane

Discharge of Condition Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, and 14 of DC/22/4128/FUL

DC/23/2746/DRC 4th August; 6th September
Lane Corner, Palmers Lane

Single storey side extension to existing house, PV panels to south and west elevations, replacement double glazed windows to match existing Critall windows and replacement weatherboarding to 1st floor. New single storey, flat roofed garden room.

DC/23/2687/FUL 10th August; 13th September; 1st September
Millside, The Street

Single storey rear extension, rebuild of side extension, new parking annd erection of summerhouse

DC/23/2450/FUL 27th July; 22nd August; 15th September;17th August
Toby Cottage, Leveretts Lane

Renovation of existing house and annexe wing. New link extension between annexe and house. Rebuilding of existing kitchen extension. 

DC/23/2369/FUL 13th July; 17th August;10th October;15th August
Box Bush, Seven Acres Lane

emoving modern glass conservatory on south elevation and make kitchen window into double doors to garden. Extending clay peg tile roof on north elevation and adding leaded window dormer on the second floor. 

DC/23/2257/FUL 20th July; 24th August; 22nd September 10th August
Thrums, Seven Acres Lane

Demolition of existing dwelling, construction of replacement house with associated landscaping 

DC/23/1610/FUL 14th June;6th August; 14th September: 6th July