Walberswick Parish council

Councillors and Clerk contact details 
(with areas of responsiblity) 

Josie Bassinette (Vice-chair, highways, traffic, car parks) wpccouncillor@gmail.com
Joanna Mackay (Litter/footpaths) mackay.joanna@gmail.com
Esme Richardson (Chair, property) chairman@walberswick.suffolk.gov.uk
Jane Sutherland-Rogers (Litter/footpaths) jane.wpcouncillor@gmail.com
Lee Sutton (Vice-chair, playing field/playground equipment) lee.sutton@walberswick.suffolk.gov.uk
Jonathan Winyard (Notice boards) Jonathan.Winyard@walberswick.suffolk.gov.uk
Mary Mitson-Woods (Clerk) walberswickclerk@gmail.com

Correspondence to:
Clerk to Walberswick  PC, Rose Farm Cottage, Mutton Lane, Brandeston, Suffolk, IP13 7AR

Vacancies for New Councillors: Please contact the Clerk

Next Meeting: PLEASE NOTE Tuesday, 5th September 2017. Meetings of the Council are held in the Village Hall Annex commencing at 7.15pm

All planning applications relevant to Walberswick are listed and updated regularly. They are linked to the Eastsuffolk website where you can see all the available documents.

Walberswick Parish Meeting: This meeting is open to all electors in the village who may raise any matter pertaining to the village. All village organisations give a report of their activities. The meeting is chaired by the Parish Council chairman. The Meeting must be held between 1st March and 31st May each year.