An important source of the Charity’s income is the covenant it receives from Walberswick Car Parks Limited (WCPL) - a company controlled by the Charity.
WCPL operates as an independent company with its own Board of Directors and Operations Manager. 
The Charity’s policy regarding WCPL is to strike a balance between profit and traffic management. 
The responsibility of the WCPL Directors is to balance:

•    Customer service, to those who use the car parks
•    Traffic management, for the benefit of our community and
•    Profit, for the ultimate benefit of the community.

Ferry Road Car Park     Cliff Field Car Park    

FERRY ROAD CAR PARK                               CLIFF FIELD CAR PARK

In 2017 Pay & Display ticket machines were installed at both locations. These have considerably speeded up the time it takes for visitors to park and has reduced congestion at peak times in the Village. In addition, car parking attendants now have more time to assist safe parking, tackle congestion issues and provide helpful advice to visitors.

For Car Park matters, please contact WCPL direct using this contact form.