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The Charity is governed by a team of seven Trustees, four of whom are appointed by Walberswick Parish Council, two co-opted by the Trustees and one ex-officio Trustee provided by the Sole Bay Team Ministry. The current Trustees are:

   Mr Adam Cooke (N)        Mr James Darkins (Chairman)  (C)       Mrs Amanda Erlenbach (C)                                                                                                                                                             
    Rev Brian Fisher (EO)       Mrs Catherine Goodchild (N)        Mrs Hannah Sutton (N)   

    Mrs Rita Woodcraft  (N)

N = Nominative Trustee appointed by Walberswick Parish Council C = Co-optative Trustee appointed by the Trustees EO = Ex-Officio Trustee


Any questions or comments about the work of the Charity will be welcomed by the Trustees. 
For all matters, please contact the Clerk, Matthew Wetmore, using our Contact Form or email:  clerkwclc@gmail.com
Postal Address: WCLC, PO Box 73, Halesworth IP19 0AU

More about the work and operations of the Charity can be found in the Policies & Reports section


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