This page is for the Memorial Donations Policy of Walberswick Parish Council


At the September 2018 Parish Council meeting, a resolution was passed to set up a Working Party, with both councillors and non-councillors on it, in order to create a Memorial Donations Policy for Walberswick; the Working Party was led by Councillor Sutherland-Rogers


Follow the link to view the Commemorative Memorials Policy that was subsequently developed and which was adopted In March 2019 by Walberswick Parish Council


Following the introduction of the above policy, a survey of all the memorial benches in the village was undertaken by the Safety Committee of Walberswick Parish Council. All benches identified were surveyed for condition and the GPS co-ordinates recorded - a visual record of all the benches and a record of their GPS co-ordinates can be seen on the History Group Commemorative Benches page of the website


In September 2019, a draft policy on how to deal with memorial benches was presented to Walberswick Parish Council and adopted - follow the link to view the Bench Proposal