Planning Advisory Group Reports

PAG has not reported on all planning applications. Hovering over the name of a property will show if there is a link. Click the name to see the report.

PAG's reports are not published before the Parish Council publish the appropriate Agenda.

Click to see applications Pending consideration or  Determined


The Co-Op forecourt  
Longroof, Leveretts Lane Lilliput, Lodge Road (land adjacent)
Little Chapter, Churchfield Sea View, The Street
Windmill Cottage, Millfield Road Westons, The Street
Parish Lantern, The Green Coopers Thatch, Leveretts Lane
Admiral House, The Street Beta Cottage, The Green
Elfinston Corner, Stocks Lane Longshore, The Street
Lu Shan, Mill Field 1 Manor Close
Westwood, Lodge Road Jove Cottage, Lodge Road
Manor House, The Street (extension of annex) Manor House, The Street (cart lodge, workshop, office over)
The Fen, The Lea The Hut, The Lea
9 Church Lane The Knapp, Lodge Road
The Heritage Hut, The Green Site South of Redmay, Lodge Road
Landing Stage WO7, The Harbour 1 Millstones, Mill Field
Stocks Wood, Stocks Lane Elphinston Corner, Stocks Lane
Manor House, The Street The Stables, The Street
May House, Lodge Road Suffolk Coastal Locl Plan
Manor House, The Street 1 Ivy Cottages, The Street
Fair View, The Street Dickon House, The Street



Crowthers, Church Field  
Salix (variation of boundary planting) 4 Moorside
Holly House, Stocks Lane Ryefield, The Street (revised plan)
The Heritage Hut, The Green Ryefield, The Street
The Hut, The Lea Rippleway, Millfield
1 Church Lane Salix, Lodge Road (a); Salix, Lodge Road (b)
Shenburgh, The Street Leveretts, The Street, revised



Bird Hide, Bennett's Drift Leveretts, The Street
Spindrift, Lodge Road Tamarisk
Close Cottage, Manor Close 2 Valley Farm
1 Anchor Cottages Ash Tree, Lodge Road
Tamarisk Hoist Wood House
White Barn, Leveretts Lane Saltmarshes, Lodge Road
Vine Cottage, The Green Westons, The Street
1 Anchor Cottages 1 Alexandra Place
Admiral House, garage Crestholme, amendments



Te Awahou Admiral Ho Walls Trees 3 Adams Lane 3 Millstones
Longwood The Anchor Sandlings Mallards and Mirna
1 Anchor Cotts 8 Church Lane 1 Church Lane 1 Anchor Cots
Concord Cott Sole Bay House House on the Green 3 Millstones
Old Rectory House on the Green House on the Green Concorde Cottage
Concord Cott The Stables White Barn extension White Barn garage



The Courtyard Fishing Hut 5 Taystone House House on the Green
The Spinners Crestholme Nightingales Co-Op Facia
Spindrift appeal Mallards & Mirna Rear of Dickon Landing Stage W25
Concorde Cott Tows Cabin Nightingales Sole Bay House



Mallards and Mirna Benwrights Old Post Office Poppy Cottage
Blyth Reach The Old School Spindrift Pump House


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