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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2018

Heritage Hut, The Green Replacement of rear existing with new pitched roof to match existing.  DC/18/2050/FUL

25th July;

1st August

Mulberry House, Millfield To crown lift 3no. Holm Oak to rear of property to height of 4m. max. DC/18/2686/TCA

30th July;

6th August

Rippleway, Millfield

Single storey extension and internal alterations to form new kitchen/dining dayroom


30th July;

6th August


2no. Lime trees - 50% reduction because of excess shading Fell smaller of two Yews to allow larger one to mature. Mature Holm Oak behind garage, heavy lean towards house - 50% reduction Sycamore to side of garage - 30% reduction to reshape after reduction of Holm Oak


22nd July;

29th July

1 Church Lane Demolish existing single storey side extension, rear lean-to and replace with a new two storey side extension and rear conservatory.  DC/18/2351/FUL

24th July;

31st July

Salix, Lodge Road Removal of dead leylandii, erection of fence, erection of shed, etc. Variation of conditions of DC/16/4406/FUL DC/18/2444/VOC

10th July; 

30th July

Ardmay, The Street Lime tree in front garden - crown lift lower branches and remove deadwood.  DC/18/2540/TCA

10th July; 

29th July

The Hut, The Lea Proposed addition of ancillary garden studio to the rear of The Hut and minor internal and external alterations to existing house DC/18/2083/FUL

4th July;

11th July

Mallards & Mirna

Variation of Condition no. 2 (plans & drawings) on Planning Permission DC/15/1756/FUL


18th May;

11th June












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