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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2018

Holly Cottage, Stocks Lane

Rear ground & first floor extension Clad existing building at first floor level 

 DC/18/3669/FUL 22nd October; 29th October
Shenburgh, The Street

New gate and garden layout to the rear of Shenburgh by the potting shed

DC/18/3651/FUL 21st October;       28th October
Mercer's Hall, The Street

To fell and replant two trees at the back of the property which have out grown the space available. Being one pittosporum variegatum which has also lost its variagated leaf and a weeping ash.

DC/18/3554/TCA 1st October;      8th October
Mallards & Mirna, Manor Close

Non-material amendement of application DC/18/1716/VOC - To allow for installation of gates to enclose the driveways of each plot.

DC/18/3475/AME 10th September;   17th September
Mallards & Mirna, Manor Close

Details reserved by condition - Condition 6 of DC/18/1716/VOC - Variation of condition 2 on permissiion DC/15/1756/ful - Demolition of 2 houses and construction of 3 new dwellings each with garage, gardens and access from existing private drive(previously varied by dc/16/2507/VOC, DC/17/0337/VOC, DC/17/1889/AME and DC/17/3291/VOC together with variation of condition no 3 and removal of condition 4

DC/18/3469/DRC  7th October;     14th October
Ryefield, The Street

Demolish existing two storey side extension & replace with a new two storey side extension


30th September; 7th October

Grey Roof, Mill Field

To fell Monterey Pine in rear garden - tree causing heavy shading and supressing adjacent trees.


26th September; 3rd October

The Bell Inn

Installation of new 11kV/LV substation (315kVA) install 80 metres (circuit length) of high voltage underground cable and 140 metres (circuit length) of low voltage cable. The Existing H Pole Structure to be removed.


5th September; 12th September

Spindrift, Lodge Road

Variation of condition no DC/16/4406/FUL - Erection of new dwelling to rear of Spindrift sharing existing driveway  APPEAL

 APP/040/2018  not given
Vine Cottage, The Green

Application Reference Number: DC/17/1930/FUL Date of Decision: 17/10/2017 Condition Number(s): Condition 2 Conditions(s) Removal: We would like to make a minor amendment to the approved scheme. To do this Condition 2 which references the approved drawings needs to be changed. Accordingly we are making an application to substitute drawing no. WAL_110, one of the approved drawings listed within Condition no.2, with the new revised drawing WAL_110A


22nd August;  29th August

Salix, Lodge Road

Removal of dead leylandii, erection of fence, erection of shed, etc. Variation of conditions of DC/16/4406/FUL


10th July;        30th July












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