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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2019/20

Vine Cottage, The Green

Discharge of Condition(s) 3 on planning permission DC/17/1930/FUL (The proposal is for a replacement side extension to a single family dwelling. The existing rear upvc conservatory is proposed to be replaced with a new painted timber conservatory. Existing upvc windows are proposed to be replaced with new painted timber sash windows.) 

DC/20/0157/DRC  11th March 2020
Land next to Redmay, Lodge Road Conversion of stables/ outbuildings to single bedroom accessible dwelling  DC/19/1823/FUL Appeal
Co-Op, The Street

Alterations to forecourt area to improve pedestrian access

DC/19/4886/FUL  16th January 2020; 12th February
Lilliput, Lodge Road

Construction of a four bedroom sustainable passive house on the land adjacent to Lilliput. Erect a new garden shed and cycle shed for the new house. Re-locate summer house. Re-locate oil tank for Lilliput. 

DC/19/4812/FUL 9th January 2020; 6th February












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