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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2018

The Anchor, The Street

G1 Limes - Re-pollard back to former pollard points. T1 Sycamore - Fell; overcrowded by adjacent Holm Oak. G2 Mixed hedge - reduce to 1m. because of excess shading. T2 & T3 Damson - reduce to 2m. because of excess shading. T5 and T6 Cherry - reduce by 2m. and reshape. T7 - T12 Macrocarpa - fell, poor specimens that keep shedding branches.


24th Feb; 3rd March
Cornelian, Leveretts Lane

3no. Monterey Pine to front of property to be felled due to the poor condition, one large limb has recently fallen on the lane, main limbs are weakened by cavities, and removal of only one or two will expose the remaining tree to windthrow risk in this coastal location


11th Feb; 18th Feb

Cornelian, Leveretts Lane

Garden Store 

DC/18/5223/FUL 6th Feb; 13th Feb
Dickon, The Street

Proposed first floor extension to front, single storey extension to side, first floor extension to rear and insertion of new dormers

DC/18/5068/FUL 27th Jan; 3rd Feb

Manor House,         The Street

Replace glazed roof with solid roof and roof lights

DC/18/5059/FUL 27th Jan; 3rd Feb
Spindrift, Lodge Road

Variation of condition no DC/16/4406/FUL - Erection of new dwelling to rear of Spindrift sharing existing driveway  APPEAL

 APP/040/2018  not given












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