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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2018

4 Moorside

new 2.1/2 storey detached dwelling to garden plot (Revised)


16th December;

23rd December

House on the Green

To fell 5no. Leylandii trees adjacent to rear boundary of 1 Anchor Cottages

DC/18/4531/TCA 13th December
Millcroft, Millfield

To carry out 50% reduction on 2no. Holm Oaks causing excess shade. To fell Scots Pine in frnt garden - tree in poor condition. (Reduction of beech hedge is noted but Notification is not required for hedges in Conservation Areas)

DC/18/4171/TCA 12th November; 19th November
Ashtree, lodge Road

Installation Of An Air Source Heat Pump

DC/18/4005/FUL 14th November; 21st November
Holly Cottage, Stocks Lane

Rear ground & first floor extension Clad existing building at first floor level 

 DC/18/3669/FUL 22nd October; 29th October
Shenburgh, The Street

New gate and garden layout to the rear of Shenburgh by the potting shed

DC/18/3651/FUL 21st October;       28th October
Mallards & Mirna, Manor Close

Non-material amendement of application DC/18/1716/VOC - To allow for installation of gates to enclose the driveways of each plot.

DC/18/3475/AME 10th September;   17th September
Ryefield, The Street

Demolish existing two storey side extension & replace with a new two storey side extension


30th September; 7th October

The Bell Inn

Installation of new 11kV/LV substation (315kVA) install 80 metres (circuit length) of high voltage underground cable and 140 metres (circuit length) of low voltage cable. The Existing H Pole Structure to be removed.


5th September; 12th September

Spindrift, Lodge Road

Variation of condition no DC/16/4406/FUL - Erection of new dwelling to rear of Spindrift sharing existing driveway  APPEAL

 APP/040/2018  not given
Salix, Lodge Road

Removal of dead leylandii, erection of fence, erection of shed, etc. Variation of conditions of DC/16/4406/FUL


10th July;        30th July












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