Policy Statements

This page is intended a source of reference for current policy statements of Walberswick Parish Council. Where these documents supercede previous policy statements, the previous documents can be found by Clicking Here

Policy Statement Notes
Privacy Policy - Residents and General Public Adopted April 2018
Privacy Policy - Councillors & Staff Adopted April 2018
Reporting of meetings policy Adopted November 2018
Correspondence Policy Adopted September 2018
Publication Scheme Adopted April 2018 - for version control since adoption, Click Here
Records retention and management policy Adopted October 2018
Complaints Procedure Adopted May 2018, Reviewed May 2019
Policy for dealing with the Press & other media Adopted November 2018, Reviewed & amended May 19
Procedural Standing Orders Adopted July 2018, Re-adopted May 2019
Financial Standing Orders Adopted January 2019 to allow for split Clerk/RFO role, Re-adopted May 2019
Data Protection and Information Security Policy Adopted May 2018, Reviewed May 2019
Subject Access Request Policy Adopted May 2018, Reviewed May 2019
Allotment Tenancy Agreement Adopted November 2018
Suffolk Local Code of Conduct Adopted June 2012 and by all councillors upon taking Office. (Note: This policy is hosted on an external website)
Holiday Leave and Absence Policy Adopted December 2018
Grievance Policy and Procedure Adopted September 2018
Employment Policy Adopted December 2018, Reviewed & amended May 19
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy Adopted October 2018
Risk Assessment template Adopted January 2019
Memorial Donations Policy Adopted March 2019
Allotment Allocation and Rent Policy Adopted November 2018
Internal Review by Councillor template Adopted January 2019


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