Walberswick Car Parks Ltd

Walberswick Car Parks Limited was established in 1997 to help manage the large traffic flow through the village in the busy summer months. There are two car parking areas with approximately 600 spaces, both areas have attendants to manage the traffic. Over the years the traffic has significantly increased. This year we have installed traffic lights on either side of the Cliff Field Bridge. This area can become a major bottle neck as cars are trying to enter and exit the car parks at the same time. We have also installed pay and display machines to allow the attendants to have more time to manage the traffic.

From this year, rather than just having a single charge we have instigated timed payments from May 1st until September 30th. The profit from the takings goes to the Walberswick Common Lands Charity to help the village with maintenance of the Common and other paths and bridle ways, flood defence and many other important causes. Please click here see the Charity link to see some of the work they do. 

To contact the Operations Manager of the Car Parks for season tickets or with any concerns please telephone Victoria Cowley on 07907 294227 or use the Contact Us form.