Briefing Sheet following Council of Governors Meeting – May 2019

This summary has been produced following the latest Council of Governors meeting that was held in public on 10th May 2019. We do hope that you find the content useful:

  • The Trust achieved 9 out of 10 of its objectives for 2018/19, with the 10th not assessed due to national changes.

  • The Connected Care Hub has been officially opened making it easier and quicker to discuss and resolve cases needing input from different teams resulting in a better patient experience.

  • Innovative ideas from staff at the JPUH have been celebrated which includes the expansion of blended learning for surgical training, which has raised interest from abroad, the dry macular degeneration global research, with our first patient locally, and the “wise monkey” project, a simple but effective idea to have a box by the bedside for the storage of personal items such as glasses, so that they don’t get lost.

  • The first group of students to successfully complete our Health Academy programme have graduated and took part in an awards ceremony on 13th March.

  • JPUH are looking to form a Strategic Estates Partnership (SEP) with an external partner by the end of March 2020 to enhance development and management of the hospital’s estate. This will enable the progression of some exciting developments. A key part of the strategy is the creation of a new Outpatient Centre to house all outpatient services with “related” services located next to each other. The first phase will involve the creation of a new MRI scanner suite, adjoining the existing hospital building, which will be operational within two years. Non-clinical services will be moved to allow the Emergency Department to expand in a rolling programme of improvements to provide more space and greater privacy for patients (over 80,000 patients were seen in ED during 2018/19.) There will be a rolling programme of ward refurbishment to update 23 inpatient areas over the next 10 years and staff accommodation will be modernised with the intention of attracting staff to work at the hospital.

  • The JPUH Trust Charity will re-launch later this year; appeals will focus on the Emergency department for developments that NHS money can’t buy.

  • Mortality figures are now within the “normal range” following significant work and improvements in coding. The Medical Examiner service has also been introduced which means that all deaths will be reviewed more quickly.

  • Following an increase in pressure ulcers an improvement initiative, “on a mission to re-position” was implemented.

  • JPUH achieved their financial target and received a bonus payment of £2.3m which reduced the Trust deficit to just under £(5.7)m. The Trust achieved £9.7m of the £9.9m savings required which wouldn’t have been achieved without the support of all staff and the Finance team. This included £2m of recurrent savings including changing the drug regime without affecting patient care and income from the M&S shop.

  • The finance & performance committee has reviewed progress on IT priorities including introduction of the Electronic Patient Record, although obtaining the finances for this will be an issue.

  • Following identification by staff of the need to improve services, the Trauma and Orthopaedics team worked together on a full service review with the support of a Senior Transformation Manager to develop new ways of working and to improve communications across the service. As a result, the department has been completely transformed with much better outcomes, reduced waiting times and all-round improved patient satisfaction. So much so that the service has become an exemplar for other teams / hospitals to follow.

    If you have any questions, would like clarification on any of the items covered, or have any other matters that you would like to raise please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this via the Governors’ email which is governors@jpaget.nhs.uk. We would welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.