Following the Stage 3 Public Consultation on Sizewell C, during which there was both a public meeting in Walberswick hosted by EDF and Walberswick Parish Council (WPC), and to which WPC made an official submission, it has now been announced that there will be a Stage 4 Public Consultation.
This fourth consultation begins on 18th July and closes on 27th September 2019. It will focus on management of freight deliveries and some changes to previous proposals. However, EDF have indicated that they will also accept further feedback on Stage 3 proposals as well as Stage 4. WPC is planning on making another formal submission to the Stage 4 consultation, but all villagers are also urged to make their own views known as submissions from individuals are also sought.
As part of the Stage 4 consultation there will be a series of 6 exhibition days; the nearest one to Walberswick is in Yoxford Village Hall on 24th July, 1-6PM. Further details and all documents can be found at: