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Site Description Application no.
SC expiry date and 

Determination date 2019

The Heritage Hut, The Green

Trees No 1 and 2 - Yew - Remove over hanging branches to make clearance from building roof. 

DC/19/3540/TCA 2nd October; 20th October
1 Manor Close

Proposed single storey front shower room extension 

DC/19/3523/FUL 2nd October; 3rd November
Lu Shan, Mill Field

North Facing Extension - Retain foundations & Roof, Rebuild walls, new doors & Windows

DC/19/3543/FUL 1st October; 3rd November
Sunningdale, The Street

1. One Silver Birch, 20% reduction - to keep tree in shape 2. One Eucalyptus, 50% reduction - to keep tree small and in shape 3. One White Oak, 20% reduction - to keep tree in shape 

DC/19/3109/TCA 29th August; 17th September












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