Archived Policies and Publications

This page contains previous policies and publications that are now superceded by more recent policies and publications. They are retained here for historical record, version control and audit purposes only

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the policies and publications on this page represent current policy and publications of Walberswick Parish Council. For Current policies and publications, please Click Here

Policy/Publication Notes
Publication Scheme Adopted March 2013 - replaced April 2018
Financial Standing Orders Adopted November 2014 - replaced August 2016
Financial Standing Orders Adopted August 2016 - replaced July 2018
Financial Standing Orders Adopted July 2018 - replaced January 2019
Complaints Prodcedure Revised August 2014 - replaced May 2018
Communications with the public Adoted Nov. 2011 - withdrawn August 2014
NALC Model Standing Orders 2018 These were used as the basis for the 2018 Standing Orders proposed for adoption July 2018
Procedural Standing Orders Adopted August 2016 - replaced July 2018
Delegation of powers to Clerk Adopted December 2014 - withdrawn October 2018 as superceded by correspondence policy
Records retention and management policy Adopted May 2013 - replaced October 2018
Allotment Tenancy Agreement Adopted 2012 - replaced November 2018
Reporting of meetings policy Adopted December 2014 - replaced November 2018
Policy for dealing with the Press & other media Revised August 2014 - replaced November 2018


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